3 Basic Principles of Healthy Living

Summer is right around the corner… it’s time for some hippie moments on the beach! We all want to feel good in our own skin, but this would require us to be healthy. Our lifestyles are tiring and explain why loads of us don’t find the motivation to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time, we’re too tired to cook and would rather buy a take away dinner. But hey… great NEWS! Being healthy isn’t that difficult and there are 3 simple but essential habits you can quickly integrate into your daily life. I can promise you’ll see results after a few weeks, if you follow them diligently :)


This is a non-negotiable and the first starting point of health. Think about your body as a machine that needs to be cleaned. If you don’t fulfil it with enough water, your metabolism won’t be able to process the food and get rid all the toxins. I always start my day with 500 ml water (hot or cold, depending on the seasons) with some infused lemon. It kicks my metabolism into full gear and detoxes my body. If you don’t like the taste of water, infusing fresh fruits might be a good solution. What about adding some juicy strawberries or grapefruits to flavour your drink?


Ok this sub-title might sound cheesy, but “moving” is the pillar of health. Your body is made to move from a place to another and as a result to burn calories. We were not born to walk 5 mins to the tube station, jump on the train and sit in from of a screen all day long. I understand life doesn’t necessarily encourage us to move, but trust me when I say it feels awesome to get some exercise done. You don’t need to be an athlete, sleep at the gym or to swim like a fish to be able to move your body. Integrating a 30–40mins walk into your day is a great start. The best thing with walking is that it is the cheapest activity on earth, which only requires time. Are you ready to find some more time for yourself? Also it’s so nice to walk while listening to a podcast/favourite song, or talking on the phone with someone you love.


I can hear you from behind my screen… YES it’s true, we have crazy/ busy agenda and such little time for ourselves! As a result we end up buying ready to eat meals or take away instead of cooking at home. Well, I’m going to be very clear on this point: PLEASE DON’T BUY ALREADY COOKED MEALS OR TAKE AWAY :) It’s very easy to learn what supermarkets meals are made of (tons of sugar, fat and salt with very little nutritious ingredients). These meals aim to meet corporate expectations (high return on investment) and compromise on quality and ultimately on YOUR health. As a result they leave us hungry after only 2h, unsatisfied and addicted to all the crap the meals are made of.

I don’t know you personally, your habits and what you would like to achieve… But I can ensure you that if you start following these three principles you’ll see physical results as well as mental improvements. Being hydrated, fed with non-processed food and energised by your daily walks will enable you to sleep, digest, think and feel BETTER.

Drinking water, walking 30mins a day and cooking are the three most important things we should do on a daily basis. You just need to integrate these basic principles in to your daily life and commit to them. Consistency is the key and you need to stick to your new resolutions. It is smarter to establish achievable and sustainable habits for months, rather than fasting and hitting the gym 3 weeks just before your holidays on the beach :)