I Saw God on the Sidewalk

I saw God on the sidewalk

He wasn’t as tall as you’d expect,

But you can’t see It yet

I was always a skeptic

A cunning chider, a musing miser

I kept my brain eclectic

To stay free, and grow wiser

Cinnamon for sniffing and bread-trimming

Water abound for drinking and swimming

Musty oak for for walls and garden

A home for human hearts

Gods have no part in

There was no need

In animal seed

They merely wanted spirit feed

Nibbling when surfeit from supper

And gorging when supper skimmed

By kings with handmade crowns

Cheers for monument resound

But if the unseen could be seen,

I could at least follow where it’s been

If not a giant footprint

A piece of belly lint

Testaments to His hand’s sweat

Toiling over his people’s plight

drawing blood in the good fight

Granting them eternal right

No scarcity of holy might

Miracle! Rejoice!

We feel the Sun’s voice!

Blood washed to wine!

The whole coast will dine!

Our sins follow the tide

Those who accept and repent,

Will taste redeeming light!

Thousands of years

And unrealized fears

And where have you been?

Can giants hide behind the demi?

Radiant light tucked beneath darkness?

Has man’s sin outshone salvation?

Click click.

Two shot. One raped.

Village destroyed. Unmanned plane.

Help one starving boy. Millions more wait.

Click, scroll.

I can sing. Look at me.

You want stuff? Look at my monies.

Only 19.95. Clean your palace tonight.

Click click.

He only says lies. I’ll set you right.

Click, scroll.

Exit the web, but tomorrow,

Click click.

It will grow another head

Has science ratted you out?

Knowledge shown

that magic has no clout?

Those who love tricks

Will keep trickling

In droves to suckle

teats of talkers

flexing their souls’ muscle;

but the discerning

the learning,

the mind

and truly kind,

follow the writ right.

So really I seek no one

and nothing.

Merely moral fluffing

Faeries floating in fantasy.

Meant to find piety

and a larger “me”.

Even birds can sacrifice

To see their species’ greater light

So don’t tell me it’s one Sun’s right

I marched into the ghetto

To grow it into grotto

Sowing seeds of sympathy

Nourished with knowledge

Sure if I found God,

He’d at best be fallen

I walked in the street

Faithful in me and society

Proven in the ground beneath my feat

Asphalt firmer than conscience leaking

Poor mothers mosey with Maedchen

She swiveled with cyclamen petal on nose tip

The air is pure and spring

Nothing more true than thing.

Yet she kept pointing

at the poorer person

Plodded and pleading

with a sign of needing

How sweet, I thought

that it’s the lesser she’s seeing

Even a bum blotched on brick building

Sees the universe as it is

God left him there to beg

Real love wouldn’t renege

It’s wrong, but it’s real

Yet I’ll prove man’s gentile

His teeth reeked

Like rotten leeks

Hair crumpled into wool

Skin sullied full

with grating grime

Lips slurped with cracking slime

Smacking for just a dime

I stepped, bent,

reached in my pocket

And into my soul’s shelf

To split with my self

And offer real help

But I was beaten

Ego being eaten

The fair girl,

the tiny, untarnished child

Sat beside the beggar

And fed him the flower

brushing beneath his nose

Mashing her world into his

With all of her power

And on the sidewalk,

Before the mother showed her wrong,

On the sullied skin of her palm,

and salty-eye-stream she made fall,

in the yellowed soot of the simpering simian’s smile,

I saw God tarry a while.

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