Best in Class Hospitals for Best Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer is the most dreadful disease that causes physical as well as mental distraction of patient and their family. No doubt it is the leading cause of death worldwide.Initially it used to scare patients and death was inevitable for them. But now with the ongoing research on cancer and its treatment, scenario has changed and this motivates cancer patients with a hope of life. But now too, the major factor remains early detection (in Stage I or Stage II) and treatment for better quality of life for cancer patients. Various diagnostic techniques and précised medicine approach have proved to be most effective and efficient in the treatment of cancer.
Although research is going on worldwide to find better treatment options for cancer but India has emerged as one of the best country not only for research but also for treatment of cancer as compared to western countries. Patients from around the globe choose India as their medical destination for treatment of cancer and other diseases. India offers excellent options of well-equipped hospitals that have latest technology and medical expertise for specialized cancer care.
The most important reason to choose India for cancer treatment is the affordability of treatment here. The cost of treatment in India is almost 10 times less than any western country. Also the success rate of cancer surgeries and other treatments like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy etc.) is outstanding here.
Although searching for the best combination of doctors and physicians can be tough task for patients from abroad but this is made easy by various medical tourism companies who have a vast network of hospitals and doctors associated with them to provide best in class treatment to patients. The following hospitals of India are enlisted as the world class hospitals for their latest technology and expert medical staff in treating cancer patients.
Apollo Hospitals: Apollo group of hospitals is definitely best for cancer treatment with its branches in Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai. They have well experienced doctors and use most advanced technology and equipment like Cyber Knife, Positron Emission Tomography and Noval is radio surgery to achieve high success rate for cancer treatment. The doctors aim to provide precise, fast and flexible treatment for greater patient comfort. The transplantation center of Apollo has performed more than 150 organ transplant. Theyalso have special division for pediatric cancer.
Max Hospitals: Max is one of the leading cancer specialist hospital with branches in Punjab and Gurgaon. They have experienced oncologists for treatment of cancer of lung, head &neck, blood, breast, cervical and gastro intestine. Their rich experience in research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer draws patients from around the globe.
P.D. Hinduja National Hospital in Mumbai is one of the best and oldest cancer treatment hospitals in India. They have expertise for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They also have experienced urological oncologists and surgical oncologists for the treatment of breast and bladder cancer.
MIOT Hospital, Chennai:This hospital is well equipped with latest devices and technology for early diagnosis and treatment of cancer liver, breast, head & neck, thoracic, bone, pancreas, gynecologic and gastro intestinal cancer with an aim to retain whole or maximum of the body part without any transplantation.
Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore: This hospital is most affordable and well equipped with highly specialized technology and experienced medical staff to provide most sophisticated treatment to cancer patients.

Blood Cancer, Brain Cancer, Colon Cancer

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