Winning a World Series is never easy to accomplish. Each season teams fight their way through their Division in an attempt to just make the playoffs and have a chance at a World Series run. No matter how well a team is built to win, we always see moves being made at the trade deadlines in an attempt to get that last needed piece to put them over the top. Analyst eye each trade and grade each team on how much they were able to improve with each move. …

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This a time of year in Major League Baseball when teams are staking their claim on a title run and looking for any missing piece that can put them over the edge. Fans watch the news wire in hopes that their favorite team is ready to make the big move for that one player that will get them to the promise land. On Wednesday the Dodgers made the first major splash of the trade deadline hoopla by signing Manny Machado. With that move they put the entire league on notice that they are ready to get back to the top.

Trades/DL Stints

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Chicago Cub fans can be found all over the United States and the world. WGN radio and television throughout the years have carried the words of Harry Caray everywhere.

You can find many places on the internet talking about the Cubs. Usually, it’s very drastic in the difference of content. You have, Bleacher Nation, and Cubs Den all leading the way with quality content.

But then, there are many small blogs with young and old fans alike, where they share their Cubs fandom to only a very small viewership.

Wrigley Rapport’s goal is to bridge that gap.

Wrigley Rapport…

Wrigley Rapport

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