A Lover’s Limbo

A gentle gush of warm breath grazed his earlobe, and he wasn’t sleeping anymore.

He wasn’t awake either. Not completely at least. Just enough to realize where he was.

He was still hanging somewhere between dream and reality - that beautiful state where she is more than just a fragment of his imagination. His body could feel her presence just as strongly as his mind did. It’s been long since he last experienced this very ecstasy.

Another gush- this time a longer one - followed by somthing even softer brushing right underneath the earlobe.

It was as brief as it was breathtaking.

He knew he was running out of time. He was eager to make it last a little longer even if that drains every single drop of energy his mind could muster. He could tell how each cell in his body was struggling not to loose the sensation that just struck through them like a lightening bolt.

Making her stay was never easy, he smiled.

Nothing about her was ever easy. Even when they hadn’t really met and she was nothing but his anticipation, people would tell him he was stupid to believe she would just show up someday, jump right out of his imagination as he put it.

And one day she did.

She was just the way he imagined her. Oh, how he would show her off to all those naysayers!

Time, he had said, was the greatest magician of all. Everything you can imagine has the probability of becoming a reality. And there she was — his reality.
Little did he know, there is an even higher probability of things going the other way round. And then, it’s an irreversible equation. When a dream that has been realized seizes to be the reality, before you could have cherished it, it leaves you yearning neither for the dream nor for the reality, but for this very state he was desperately trying to prolong.

Still smiling, he waited for the next gush for a few moments. He could feel her closer than she usually is. May be he should just turn and try to steal a hug.

Bad move!

It was all gone before he could completely turn his side.
There he was - lying on his back - eyes shut yet wide awake. All five of his senses transmitting nothing but static.

No, no, no!
May be it’s still not over. May be if he can find a piĺlow and still try his luck with that hug.
He made a quick turn, streched his hand to the other side of the bed to grab the pillow he knew would be lying right in the middle of the king size bed.
His hands were making broken snow angel on the clean white bedsheet and....’CHHANNN'

' Chhan...chhn...chn’, meekly complained the bangles as he watched her twist and turn a little before settling back into a comfortable position and a deep slumber.

He sat there — looking at her for a few seconds before placing a kiss beneath her earlobe, and a pillow in her arms' reach. 
Smiling, he looked at his fingertips still recovering from the ice cold touch.

It will be long before the next gush.

Genre Romance, Story 4