In The Midst Of The Forest…

She stopped for a second to catch her breath, then gave in to the fear and started running again. The forest was dark enough to scare her, but that was not what she was actually afraid of.

All her emotions were coming in waves; guilt, panic, agitation, anger, sadness-and with each wave, the desire to run grew stronger. She wanted to give in, leave everything and stop running. But humans have this hidden desire to struggle and survive that dominates all other emotions. Despite that, she entertained the notion of coming to a halt in the midst of the forest. What would happen then?

“You would have to give up your wishes.” Lust answered

“No one will acknowledge your existence.” Ego muttered.

“You’d lose your identity.” Pride chimed in.

Her thoughts slowed her down. A fight broke in her mind; to stop or to run?

Before she could come to a decision, a decision was made for her.

Standing right in front of her was the one she had been running away from.

She stopped.

They both stared at each other for a while, and she knew she had to face it — her LIFE.

Tired, she fell down on her knees, tears rolling down her face, and screamed with as much energy as she could muster: ‘I GIVE UP! I can’t control you.’

Life moved forward and took her in its arms. Giving up on the internal struggle, she embraced her life back.

Unexpectedly everything fell into place.

That one moment was eternal bliss.

Everything inside her synchronized with the outside.

The chaos that had occupied since eons was drowned in life’s calmness.

Peace prevailed.

She knew there will come a time again when her life will be at odds with her. But for now she wanted to revel in the peace and calm.

Genre Philosophy, Story 4