What Wringo Ink. is About

So, there we were, playing Reading Bingo at work. All of a sudden, one of us , Quratulain, had a brilliant idea for a spin-off. She asked why not swap the reading part for writing.

The Pre-Qurat Hive Brain

After a looooong time had been spent procrastinating and getting everybody on the same page, we said why not! And then, Wringo Ink. (Formerly known as Logico Wringo) was born.

Post Qurat Hive Brain

The Logico part in the name will remain a secret that we will take to our graves. The Wringo part is an amalgam of Writing Bingo as you already have guessed.

We drew up a whole bingo sheet, then came up with categories of our choice. Then, five of the best minds decided to write — yes, I am one of them hence the “best” part — while three of us decided to do their duty to the country and God by reading what would be posted here. Our aim is for the writers to start writing regularly and with the barest of prompts, like a new genre every week. For the readers, it is learning the way of critiquing and helping us hone our craft.

The previous week, we were given the task of writing a short romance story (300–1000 words long). You can lovingly gaze at our magnificent contributions here. Since we are still working out the kinks and smoothing the wrinkles & etc., we decided we’d use a single account to represent all of us. This is exactly why for the first few stories, we look like an indecisive bunch of asshats who keep liking and commenting on their own stories! We also wanted to be able to hide our faces after publishing our pieces but that’s not important. Don’t worry, we are wising up — by that, I meant putting Nida in charge of everything. That isn’t to say that we’ve perfected the process but hey, we’re just getting started!

Us WIsing Up

Everybody else is welcome to read and comment on the stories posted here too. Just remember that when it comes to Wringo Ink. (formerly known as Logico Wringo), you heard it here first!