An Open Letter of Thanks to Ms. Clinton from a Conservative Republican

A few days ago, Hillary Clinton delivered an important speech making the case for why all Americans must come together to stop Trump and his ‘Alt Right’ movement. Clinton is receiving well-deserved praise for inviting cooperation from across the aisle.

Speaking as a conservative Republican, this is such a refreshing thing of Hilary Clinton to have included in her call to purpose. Too often election year rhetoric devolves into a war of irreconcilable points of view spoken in uncharitable, defamatory terms. We’ve seen that in abundance this time around, that’s for sure! Hillary Clinton chose a different tact. Instead, she’s extended an offer of fellowship with conservative Republicans, naming Paul Ryan, George W. Bush, John McCain and, by extension, myself so we can work together to keep the unfortunate usurper who has stolen our party from doing irreparable harm to this nation we share.

It’s a bold request, but the way forward is plain. Now that no less an authority than the Presidential standard-bearer of the Democrat party has provisionally reversed my designation as a ‘Bad Republican’, I will surely stand shoulder-to-shoulder with her to defeat the nominee of my own party.

Might I say that today I am proud to be an American in a way I couldn’t have before Hillary Clinton’s generous amnesty. Only a day ago I wore the shackles of a fearful, bigoted, racist, part of a misbegotten movement with the high potential to coalesce into active terrorist cells, to assassinate a president, or which at the very least represents a growing tendency in our civil culture toward the conditions of Germany in the Interwar period.

A day ago, I couldn’t have expected to have my right to differ honored or to have my viewpoints granted the dignity of a fair hearing. I was a Bad Republican. Now I’m not. Now I’m legitimately empowered to criticize Donald Trump and his ‘Alt Right’ pals as an officially-declared ‘Good Republican’. I can’t wait to stick it to those still-remaining fearful, racist, nazi ‘Bad Republican’ terrorists.

It’s also my pleasure to share this honor with company of such caliber as former-president George Bush and Senator John McCain. I recall bitterly the envy I had of Ron Paul and his energized base of young techies back when guys like Bush, McCain and me were ‘Bad Republicans’. Those were oddly similar times when our party had again been stolen by a band of malign usurpers called ‘NeoCons’ and the inky shadow of nazism again had cast itself over the nation. Perhaps it was John Kerry’s undoing that he did not offer the charity Clinton has shown, but I recall some good souls in the media, in person, on the internet, assuring me that they not only respected but admired the original conservatism of Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul, and urging upon me the importance of setting politics aside to see the existential threat posed by NeoCons.

But none had the authority to release me from my ‘Bad Republican’ shackles and I could only look on as Rachel Maddow gushed over Ron Paul, and Bircherites and Infowarriors got to hang out at protests with the cool kids and play with their “Bush Crime Family” and 9–11 Truth conspiracy theories together. I’m certain, though, that had Ms. Clinton been around back then, she’d have saved me.

Perhaps it’s not appropriate to confide this, but this is an emotional day for me. What an amazing woman. I feel though that I can trust you guys enough to say it out loud. All that time I was stuck as a bad, racist, terrorist ‘Bad Republican’ the one thing I wanted more than anything was not food nor water. What I wanted more than anything was to have liberals like me. I just wanted to have liberal friends.