Atrophying of America

Why aren’t we able to have logical,mutual conversations/debates that lead to decisions being made/changed based on containing and dealing with whatever is happening,needs changing or is confronting our country, states, and neighborhoods’? WHY is it this big blown up immature nightmare that there is only ONE right way to handle anything. One right religion, claiming it’s freedom to practice their religion is being attacked, as this same religion is hell bent on taking religious freedom from other religions AND non-believers. They claim it’s the ‘base’ of a political party…but is it?

This infects all area’s of life.From personal decisions for a person’s body, their sex, race,to who they love where they can and cannot travel?! Plain and simple, it’s an unjust burden that Americans are having to carry,it’s unconstitutional and it’s destroying the Heart of America. AMERICA is a part of a greater whole. We are allowing a facet of our nation to add to the problem of the world. We are not seen as an active participant in the Solution. Now America is adding weight to the burden of HUMANITY.

Instead of enlightened discussions and becoming a society enabled with the knowledge,experiences and ideas of diverse cultures, ages, traditions,etc. to grow, we are DE-evolving. It’s like seeing the wisest people I ever knew go from providing to me with their wisdom from decades of living, to TELLING me how wrong, stupid I am or being combative over the questions I had/have or mistakes I made/make. Our country cannot learn, grow and evolve if each mistake we make is not dealt with a mature and sincere *intent* of preventing it from happening again. We can do this by taking the time to listening and discuss idea’s from a diverse array of individuals, organizations,along with the willingness of lawmakers in Congress. The Blame Game….it ends. We aren’t children fighting over a ball. This is life and death for REAL PEOPLE!
The world we live in HAS TO BE placed into capable hands.The safe, tolerant, diverse, free thinking hands of people who can govern for ALL of humanity. Not a religious base or Nationalism, dogma, ideology. Humanist! For everyone.
The separation of church and state has to be enabled for our society and democracy to function correctly or it will keep tearing at the seams until America falls to pieces.
Clear changes have to be put into place when applying for a position aka running for our government offices because of the deterioration of both parties and the inability for voters to choose an independent candidate in almost every state, the current qualifications no longer provide us with the best candidates to vote for. Getting the lesser of 2 evils has all but destroyed the confidence in our democracy and deciphering WTF is true and what really is “fake news?” And of course, hacking by …Russia (USSR for old school). I really dislike that I have to put this in here because…DUH!
If Americans could agree 90–95% on one thing, it would be that no one believes a word of this BS! If neither side can work together AT ALL,EVER then the fucking system is BROKE! We all know the current lawmakers in office are not going to change this themselves as it defeats their personal, ideological agendas. It’s up to me and you. AS IT SHOULD BE! I don’t know WHO is running the show in WA DC or our State legislature’s. Is it the Tea Party, Freedom Caucus, Democrats, RUSSIA? …

I only see OBSTRUCTION from my house. Obstructing the truth from being told to us. Obstruction of how our Tax dollars are being spent and allocated. We pay our taxes and yet more and more of the programs we need the money to go to, are being taken away, defunded. Republicans say that these programs are “entitlement” programs. I agree! I have paid taxes since I was able to get my first job at 16 years old, therefore I’M ENTITLED to it! But, Congress has the idea it’s MORE entitled to MY Hard Earned money! So, every January the Majority party decides: do we get to keep our Social Security? Will I lose the CHIP my child needs because of my income? My grandparents, MY parents..they paid into Social Security for decades. They DEPEND on getting their share to live. Medicare…what are they going to cut this year? Should our tax $ be used for CLEAN water to drink and bathe in, CLEAN air to breathe? FDA? Hmmmmm? Is this antibiotic safe for my baby? I think my tax $ should pay for all of these things. Are the American people even a speck on the agenda of the United States Congress? I don’t see us anywhere on it. DO YOU?

A) Article VI of the Constitution: No religious test shall be required as a qualification to ANY office or public trust.
B) First Amendment: …prohibits ANY laws respecting an establishment of religion. Thank you James Madison!!

Based on the above guarantees of the U.S Constitution there is NO reason to ever infer a religious preference when applying for public service. It’s bribery by #45 to get the evangelical vote and it’s bribery by the evangelicals to get #45 to kiss their ALT-right asses. *yuck*
A candidate’s platform/agenda should be Constitution based only. Budget, defense, your idea’s, initiatives to better the lives for Americans.
In order to protect our PERSONAL freedoms aka Civil Rights, we need to take religion out of politics! Problem solved. Public service, no matter how high up the position should only entail Civil laws. I think that’s pretty clear cut.

A) Campaign finance reform HAS TO FUCKING HAPPEN! I’m sick of the same people, years and years AND YEARS of the same people. No more Super PAC’s, Special Interests: UNETHICAL! I have to take an Ethics training every year(…or is it twice a year?) ANYWAY,if I can’t get a little on the side to treat one of my customers ‘extra special’, then YOU SURE AS HELL CAN’T.
A) Salary Adjustment for Congress: It’s time you face reality Congress! You will be paid based upon your performance. What did you propose/vote on that made an improvement for your constituents? For America? Will it help America to become stronger, less dependent on welfare? More solvent economically? When in session, how many hours did you spend on the house floor? How many votes did you show up for? Did you call your constituents back? Or write a Blog paying attention to the most important concerns you are hearing about and what action(s) you are taking to correct it or get it started?? IT’S TIME YOU EARNED MY MONEY!
B) Congress will have the same Healthcare Plan that regular Americans have. If you pass a law that hurts Americans, it’s going to hurt you too! Pensions: Just like regular everyday American’s you too can pay into your 401-k, retirement fund etc. You are not special. You work for us, therefore you work for yourself as well!

CHANGE #4: TERM LIMITS We need to get new, fresh ideas and perspectives as much as we can!
gerund or present participle: atrophying
1.(of body tissue or an organ) waste away, typically due to the degeneration of cells, or become vestigial during evolution. “without exercise, the muscles will atrophy”
synonym:waste away, become emaciated, wither, shrivel (up), shrink; More
2.gradually decline in effectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect.
“her artistic skills atrophied from lack of use”

How is progress made, anywhere in life, without exercising new INITIATIVES to do better! Our nation’s muscles are atrophying! Worse, those who are on the cutting edge of discovering these incredible inventions for a healthier, MORE efficient WAY TO LIVE AND PROTECT OUR PLANET are being stifled!! America braves new Frontiers! Perceive it as not having experienced members if you want, but from where I’m sitting the longer a member has been in office the more stubborn and closed minded and stiff they become.

These are basic. They’re “talked” about all the time. So when does America wake the fuck up and start walking the walk? MILLON’S ARE POWERFUL! RISE UP!…..STAY STRONG! #RESIST #PERSIST #ENLIST
Until next time!




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