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Music can take you from despair to empowerment in 3 minutes and make you Free Fall into love in less than 5, and for that, we thank you Tom Petty

As a writer I have great respect for songwriters such as Tom Petty who decade after decade gave birth to lyrics and music that inspired generations. I imagine how rewarding and completely terrifying it must be to take your words and put them to music, exposing yourself twice; once with the lyrics and again with the melody.

Furthermore, music tells a story. Not only that, but it gives you a timeline of specific points in your life from the past and reminds you where you still need to go. …

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As I begin running, watching the President brief the country and give his statement on a tiny 8x8 size screen,

I turn up the resistance on the machine
My eyes burn with tears
I run faster

Somehow if I run fast enough I’ll get away from this growing heartache inside me, stave off the tightness in my chest and the overwhelming need to scream loudly into a pillow

“The largest mass shooting in US history”

I turn up the resistance
I turn up the speed
I run faster

“58 dead and over 515 seriously injured”

I can’t escape

My heart rate climbs


Meg Bishop

Writer, self re-inventor and expert over analyzer. www.writegirl.me

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