I just wonder sometimes.

After reading how people of my generation and generations after me are just blocking & deleting people from their life I think about my failed marriage, my current life of starting over. Yes it hurts… what hurts even more is when you took vows with someone and they decided after you went away on business to GHOST you exactly like these young kids.

See it all started September 1, 2015. I met a woman [I myself am a woman as well YAY #lgbtq !] She was like straight out of a book. I normally talk about zodiacs etc., yet this is not the time. Well, when I met her she told me one line that got my attention from that day til the day we were married in New York City on September 25, 2015. “You’re amazing.” After that line we spent each and every day together in the city. We also faced homelessness in New York City together. Eventually leaving the big apple to the Midwest in Indianapolis, Indiana where her 3 children were.

Most lesbians in my community do not particularly care for other women with children when it comes to relationships. I decided to take on it all. As a dominating lesbian who enjoys and finds personal happiness in taking care of myself and my woman. I said to myself “well, what’s 3 more?” Little did I know after spending October, November & December with her in Indianapolis she would GHOST me just weeks after being away on business in January.

This GHOSTING did not happen all at once. It took exactly 9 months for her to completely block me out of her life. Now I can’t place a phone call, send an email, write a letter and Lord forbid I go to Indianapolis, IN to see her.



There is always a backstory. I told one white lie about an ex of mine on the day we were married. Mind you after I left Indianapolis, Indiana I still took care of her and myself at a distance. Up until about a month ago. I am currently in DC.

Facing homelessness, living in a shelter, eating once a day, experiencing loneliness at its finest point. So… this GHOST situation needs to really stop because its causing people who are LEGALLY MARRIED to do such things. All for what?

Because she wants to be famous and I want a family?

Honestly…. I really don’t know.

No closure.