Los Angeles Just Proposed the Worst Use of License Plate Reader Data in History.
Nick Selby

Mmm, well, what if we use this tech & follow up to ID “illegals”? Or those suspected of driving (& therefore aiding & abetting “illegals”) in neighborhoods — or in “sanctuary cities” — suspected of harboring “illegals”? Ought we not use it? Then we could eventually restrict travel of Americans, perhaps even legalize interstate passports.

Both issues, in this article and in my own extrapolated example, demonstrate how the freedom gate — or, if you will, the tyranny gate — swings both ways, for the intended pimps & johns & “illegals” and for the innocent, with the liberty of the latter curtailed in the name of apprehending the former.

I admit to a bit of hijacking here to make a point not here at issue. But the same principles apply — as well as to other issues like the “war” on drugs; RICO seizures for suspected money launderers; no fly lists; warrantless searches; detention sans habeas corpus; and etc., etc.

These are all the results of a politics of collectivism, rather than the politics of individualsm on which this nation was founded. I won’t elaborate on the actual remedies (open immigration with criminal & contagious illness restrictions; declaring war on Islamic jihad sponsoring states, i.e., Iran & Saudi Arabia (which created ISIS); recognition that an individual’s person is private property (“Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has a right to but himself.” — John Locke); etc. etc.).

This is how the Unites States will end.

This is how the Unites States will end.

Not with a coup, but with a whimpering populace — egged on by self-righteous leaders — demanding, “There oughta be a law!”

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