Some ways to draw french kisses

Cat S
Nov 28, 2022


1. Lyrical & Self-indulgent

(Craig Thompson)

That’s Craig Thompson’s drawing of himself knowing, on page 571 of Blankets.

Beautiful brushwork, although, a bit much. At least he drew dots for his opened eyes.

2. Voyeuristic & Suggestive

(Cat S.)

coloured pencil sketch by Cat S. | CC-BY-NC-SA

From the sketch gym, using a photo reference.

3. Lyrical & Self-aware

(David Small)

From page 213 of Stitches by David Small.

A couple of kissy folks in the background, too. With sparse linework you convey more nuances in the atmosphere.

4. Iconic & Unsettling

(Stephen Collins)

From one of Stephen Collins’ cartoons at the Guardian. It’s the ears.



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