These are some things I’ve built.

Wow, I’ve accomplished so much and I’m only a fully grown adult.

Nick Matthews
Apr 5, 2017 · 2 min read
Built this sleek, classic dinette set (above, spotless) and I’m only 24. Unreal.

The following is a list of things I’ve built. It is remarkable considering my age (24 years) and aptitudes (average adult cognitively and physically).

  1. A sterling reputation in the MotoX/BigAir/Christian riders community. Who knew that my degrees in sport photography and youth services would ever mean so much to so many? When I graduated from University in 2015, all I cared about was plowing cow and getting enough scratch together to lease a gently pre-owned Hummer H3 with skulls on the hubcaps. Then, I met Bonk. Not even two years later, I’m leading Good Friday devotions at center dirt on the track where Tink Ritchum won four consecutive Jesus Cup trophies.
  2. Quite the online presence. I love brands. Have you heard of Burt’s Bees? It always has a yellow tube. That’s called brands, and that’s what I’m doing in the digital world. When I graduated from University in 2015, I couldn’t tell a share from a favorite. It just wasn’t a part of the pedagogy. Then, I met Lantz. Not even two years later, I’m at 42 on Instagram, my dog’s Instagram is at 80, and I’ve got a handful of the enlightened subscribing to my video diaries.
  3. A life of joy and laughs with my new love, Zen. Have I known her for long? Just six months, but I’ve already helped her through a bad haircut and we’ve decided to call each other “partner” instead of “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” When I was temporarily suspended from University in 2013 for an off-campus incident (I was a different person then), I was with my ex, Bakeley, and we were eating shells and cheese out of the same pot every night. That’s not even a metaphor. Then I met Pistil, and he introduced me to Zen. Not even seven months later, I’m doing barre three afternoons a week and I carry a sketch of a potential tattoo on a napkin in my wallet.
  4. A cherry dinette set that has been sanded and stained to a smooth, warm sheen. My life today is in a state of harmony. Among the many things that I have built in my first 24 years on God’s snowglobe, this sturdy Shaker-style dinette set which comfortably seats 10 with the leaves in is near the top of the list. I want for nothing, except maybe a new fender for my Yamaha lol. Before I enrolled full-time at University, I couldn’t even build a bear rofl. Then I met Jonathan and Drew Scott. Not even a week later, I’m finishing demo on this reno and coming home blissfully exhausted to eat banh mi with Zen at this dependable, unpretentious furnishing.

Nick Matthews

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