31 October 2016

Dear Mrs May.

I’m of the mind to bend your ear, in the nicest possible way.

I pondered whether to call you Theresa, as endearingly as I often refer to our much respected Queen Elizabeth as Betty. But with respect to the office you now hold and the fact you have yet to earn equal endearment and respect, I’m torn to follow appropriate etiquette.

At the point of taking office, your speech to the nation mentioned fairness for us all no matter where we were from. It seemed that you really understood the daily hardships ordinary people of this country are struggling with. You even stated ‘we will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives’.

Maybe you do. And maybe you will, if you truly meant it.

Or perhaps we should ask what ‘more’ actually means and take note of what you didn’t say, about first restoring our collective lost civil liberties and public services we once took for granted.

You didn’t say or infer that putting right the ever growing injustice many of us face from authorities, those given license to abuse the spirit of local byelaws and the staggering ineptitude of those in charge of essential services would be one of your first priorities before or after Brexit.

You may not give a fig what some cranky and frequently cantankerous old fool thinks. But old or young and foolish or not, there are many British people who think we are being conned and controlled by stealth, all in the name of austerity, National Security or that over-used excuse, health and safety.

That excludes the endless impositions of Brussels which we might be living with by default, should you fail to erase them from British law.

Right now under your watch, admittedly one you have just inherited but also on your previous watch as Home Secretary, the British press brings many injustices to our attention that beggar belief in Britain today. In such stories there is no compassion, common sense or fairness for the situation.

The guilty are usually protected by officialdom and the uniform they wear or the office or position they hold. Every one will be acting with the endorsement of some government department or policy, or part of some money making/saving exercise, or to justify their authority, regardless of the human cost.

When injustice involves the unfriendly and abrupt attitude of the police or the out of control power of Social Services we know as citizens we haven’t a leg to stand on or anyone to fight our corner.

Yet when we read such stories, we risk accepting them as part of life in today’s world, much like our frustration in accepting the atrocities we hear about abroad. Life indeed is very unfair for those much worse off than ourselves.

Right now in this country the public are controlled to the tenth degree and our daily lives monitored and spied upon. We are seen either as cash cows to intimidate or individual suspects who wish harm on our collective freedoms and liberties.

All very convenient to The Establishment for keeping the hoi polloi in their place!

Who’d have thought that ever in this country, the British public face being fined for the simple pleasure of feeding the ducks in the park, or by putting the wrong bit of rubbish in the wrong bin or for innocently dropping something by mistake in the street. We face arrest or being tasered for speaking out or challenging the police. We have secret courts closed to public scrutiny and families torn apart by official licence. These example the tip of an enormous iceberg that undermines whatever your intent is to give us back control over our lives.

As we are British, blindly we accept like sheep to the slaughter the laws and the rules dictated to us by local councils, those who take power and authority to new heights of abuse or from what we are told is only for our own good. We are losing services once deemed untouchable for the national good and simply, such things are now imposed upon us as if we live in a third world dictatorship.

Is any of this acceptable in a free and democratic society? Or are we only as free and democratic as we’re hoodwinked to believe? At any given time on any day, as lucky as we are to be part of this great nation, any one of us might find how unfair it is to live within it.

You can change all that, for it doesn’t take much logic or reason to see that there is much more to the vote for Brexit beyond the sheer nightmare of being locked into some crazy EU super state or the potential consequences of forever open borders.

Likely you are protected from the realities at street level and accepting there are more pressing calls on your time and priorities and change cannot happen overnight, your future aims to benefit us ordinary folk won’t make a scrap of difference if you and your government fail to legislate against the many injustices we read about. Failure to do so just means nothing is new and nothing is ever going to change.

Please, don’t miss the golden opportunity Brexit has brought to you, or potentially for this great nation.

Yours sincerely

Robert C Hamilton

British subject