As the General Synod of the Church of England debate gay marriage

will they find their hidden G-spot?

I doubt that. They’ve been chasing their own arses since time began and today, six old and maybe not so wise retired bishops are going the make a recommendation that’s going to be historic, one way or the other.

The Church of England, like many others, have been historically obsessed with Homosexuality. As far back as history goes, those born with a different instinct to hetero have been vilified, hung, drawn and quartered on the word of the church.

Thankfully, at least in western culture, such things are now taboo. A new form of enlightenment sees the light of day and a refreshing change in attitude.

At least in the UK. I’m not so sure about the Bible Belt in America. But then America as a country has some strange notions, where religious blindness can’t see the evil for the mythical truth.

But I digress.

Part of the UK population is beginning to realise that being gay or lesbian is not a conscious choice, that it’s the way nature works and so, regardless of how such things might grate with their own sexual instincts, they can live with it.

But not the Church of England. For three years they have been sharing ‘wisdom’ on the subject. Previous to that, hysteria and their own version of morality have taken the form of knotted veracious veins running down the leg of humanity.

Once they finally said it was okay to be gay, it’s never, according to them, been okay to enjoy equal sexual enjoyment. The wisdom of the church has claimed gay love is not the same as straight love. They may not have said it in so many words, but their deranged and screaming abdabs about homosexuality show that’s exactly what they think.

Likely, if we boil it all down, such frenzied emotional turmoil relates directly to the myths the church itself creates, to convince themselves and those hanging on to their every word that Homosexuality is the work of the Devil.

When people say the devil is in the detail, the truth more like is the devil is in the church itself. It’s been hiding in there since the time homosexuals had red hot pokers shoved up the bum or were burnt at the stake, all with the glee and judgement of those claiming to speak for God.

That was religion at its worst, leaving the smell of the same evil that lingers today, disguised by all that is good within personal faith and belief.

Religious logic and compassion or understanding and tolerance claimed to have been taught by Jesus himself have no place in this hysteria, for according to many Christians, the perceived devil of homosexuality must never be allowed to infiltrate the godliness of the church and all that might stand for

Well hey fellas, your own real evil is there amongst you already and leading you up the garden path to your own destruction.

What the Church of England just doesn’t get is the way nature works. According to them, God made all things bright and bloody beautiful and all creatures great and small. But that excludes homos, transgenders and all those who by instinct are somewhat different to the oik who wrote the bible.

Fine of one gets born a heterosexual, fine if such individuals explore their sexual needs enjoying every orifice of the body. But if two people of the same gender do it, oh horror of horrors and damnation, may they rot in hell, etc. etc.

So today, six retired Bishops are going to make a recommendation about whether marriage and the blessing in church for the union of two people in love should only be allowed between a man and a woman.

I hope they realise that this can be a turning point for the Church of England. It can take equality back 50 years if they reject Christian gay people’s right to the same dignity and blessing, because it could impact directly on society’s growing enlightenment about the subject.

For many ignorant heterosexuals, Homosexuality means little more than cocks up dirty bum holes. A myth driven my ignorance and the church. The African side of the Church of England goes further, creating gross and vile images and stories of body waste and what they claim gay people enjoy. Stuff so untrue it must be a sin against God himself. They then impose this nonsense on African society, to influence hate and judgement against their own gay citizens.

This is all in the name of God Almighty.

Don’t hold your breath folks. The church and religion need hysteria, part of their controlling measures to impose that evil upon society. A large section of enlightened western society just wants to get on with their lives, live and let live and follow what feels right for them, as individuals.

Here’s my prediction. The six wise bishops will vote for heterosexual marriage only, shit scared of the African lot who threaten to break away and still obsessed with the myths cemented into their thick heads.

That, or they’ll fluff it. Again.