Random Thoughts/Confessions

  • I never ever ever will understand how people enjoy the ‘humor’ of the movie Ted. To me it seems like the most annoying thing in the whole world.
  • I will never understand why people get defensive when you don’t like a movie that they like and take it super personally.
  • As creepy as people think porcelain dolls are, I liked them when I was a little girl.
  • I think hares are 100 times cooler than rabbits.
  • I just spelled rabbit with one b and would not have noticed had it not been for the red squiggle underneath it.
  • Sometimes I’m too lazy to give Joey a bath even though I actually always end up loving it, and when I don’t give him one I feel guilty.
  • I think ear wax is the grossest thing on the planet and Q-tip my ears at least once a day. The other day I went too deep in (for the first time ever, and it’s also one of my biggest fears) and the Q-tip had blood on it.
  • I LOVE squeezing ingrown hairs.
  • I almost deleted the last confession because it sounds SO gross on paper.
  • I really don’t care if my room is messy, but the kitchen HAS to be clean.
  • I’m too hard on people before I know the full story about them.
  • I used to pride myself on the fact that I never have judgmental thoughts about other peoples appearances (I really don’t) but I don’t pride myself on that anymore because I’ve realized that I judge people based on what I observe about their behavior and sometimes what I think of them couldn’t be more wrong.
  • I feel incredibly unattractive during this pregnancy and it makes me get angry easily at the end of the day and I really hate that about myself these days.
  • I’m so happy to live in California because it’s started to get sunny EVERY day now and it’s going to be like 26 this weekend which to me is the most perfect weather ever.
  • I LOVE calendars, cards, stationary, diaries, etc. but never end up using then when I buy them, or I write a tiny bit on the first page and that’s it.
  • I always thought I was good at writing, but really I think I just enjoy it and would never ever want to make any kind of living off of it because that would be too scary and I’d worry too much about what other people thought.
  • I want to love smart things and care about small details, but I’m SUCH a non analytical/non logical person that it can never be true for me.

That’s all for now!

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