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Creating the soundtrack of your film, can we help?

As a director, you probably have the ideal sound for your film in your head. But translating it into a soundtrack is far from easy. There are several production constraints with which you will have to juggle before you tackle the exciting part of the process, the creation of the soundtrack itself.

We know because we have been there many times. These production constraints are the reason why BABY YOU CAN WRITE MY TRACK exists.

In this article, we will explain how we can help you overcome some of these constraints. First, be sure to create a free account so you can test out all of these features.

Choosing the composer, a different approach

What if you choose your composer — not according to his reputation or the music he has created for other films — but according to the music he has created for YOUR film?

based on the music submitted by composers in response to your contest, select the composer(s) that fit your project and collaborate directly with them, without leaving the platform.

Your budget is king

when you launch a contest, you specify your budget. The framework is therefore clearly established for all participants.

The nationality of the composer, a constraint for some European co-productions

If your film is a co-production, European, and uses public funding, the composer’s nationality will probably be chosen according to the nationality of the co-producer in charge of financing the soundtrack.

during the final step of creating your contest, you can specify the nationality, the country of residence, and even the languages spoken by the composer. Only talents who meet these conditions will be allowed to participate.

upon launching, 600 film composers and indie artists of all nationalities had already signed up to the platform. And new talents are joining every day.

Direct collaboration with talents allowed

If you are the kind of director who likes to spend hours sitting on the sofa in the studio while the composer is creating the music for your film, then some of our services are probably not for you.

However, if you are used to using the Internet to collaborate with composers, we will make it easier for you.

a multimedia messaging feature, in which composers can upload alternate versions of the music which you can comment on, is integrated into your contest manager. You collaborate with your composer(s) as you would in real life. With one major advantage: all the elements of collaboration are centralized. No more lost emails and files.

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Involve external composers you know in the process

You might know some composers with whom you would like to work but who are not yet registered with us. Why not offer them to participate in your contest?

when you publish your contest, a feature allows you to also invite composers you know to participate.

Multiple talents involved, creative results

why not involve several composers, instead of working with just one, thus increasing the creativity of your project?


Music supervisors on board

We moderate the music submissions you receive to ensure that you only listen to proposals that are 100% relevant to your project.

But not only…

our catalogue managers know the music currently available on the platform, but they also know the profile of each of the film composers and indie artists who collaborate with us. They are involved in the process — from A to Z — to ensure that you get the music you need.

But not only…

we browse the Internet every day to identify new talent that is not yet on the platform but that could help us help you get the music you need.

In a hurry to get original or exclusive music?

When you have a problem during the production of the soundtrack, you need to find an alternative solution urgently.

on average, during the test phase, 87% of the contests have resulted in the delivery of the final music within 52 hours, thus offering an efficient and rapid solution for directors looking for music urgently.

also, the Daily Fresh Music page is a living zone where film composers and indie artists post pre-cleared exclusive music with the aim to make a match made in heaven with your project. The music you’re looking for may have been posted there this morning.

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We built BABY YOU CAN WRITE MY TRACK because we know how difficult it can be to get the perfect soundtrack for your film. We hope that the solutions we offer will help you along the process.

Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our services.

About us

BABY YOU CAN WRITE MY TRACK is a contest-based music marketplace for filmmakers and creatives. Find out more here.

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Contest-based music marketplace for filmmakers and creatives.

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