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Redeployment Opportunity Initiative

(the new ROI)

In my current employment Redeployment Opportunity Initiative “ROI” (feels better than saying “Laid-Off”), I was asked to describe my “Uniqueness”.

After meticulously working over my job-specific resume and multiple edits to the next great American novel, my cover letter, I was prepared to press send. Not really, both could most likely have been improved upon.

But “send” I would.

But first, this ROI process had one more corner of my life yet unearthed. Before pressing send I was now to showcase what was unique about me, something that set me apart and helped the reader sit up and take notice of me.

In 150 characters or less.

Actually, and this is no doubt your experience as well, it would be easier to tell a story using 1,500 words to express uniqueness. Maybe a story of saving beached whales off the coast of New Zealand, climbing Mt Everest, walking in space, or about a journey to the center of the earth.

A story would be easier, but 150 characters? How am I “Unique”?

  • Here’s what I said

Unique? Me? Sure, to the extent that I see that we are All unique. Not singing or dancing, just affirming and encouraging the “Uniqueness” of others. (149 characters if you’re counting)

Friends, you are so very, very Unique. Only You can bring your gifts and talents to the world. Please do so! Go and save the whales, climb your mountains, walk amongst the stars, and go deep. Be you.

All the best to you my friends in your current or future daily routines. Wherever your uniqueness brings you.


Coach Scott

So, you know that I have not walked in space, right?

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