The Strega Virus — Science Fiction

I first heard of the Strega Virus when I was having my daily Tall Pike at Starbucks, about 10 days after the recent election.

“Did you hear about what happened to Rita, the redhead who always wore the ‘Make America Great Again’ hat?” Mike (I never knew his last name) cornered me at the half and half and sugar station. “She got this crazy virus that has affected her ability to talk or to type on a keyboard.”

“I never heard of such a thing and I pride myself with keeping up with the latest viruses, bacteria and the such.” I replied.

“Yes, it affects all of those rabid Trump supporters, who were certain that their man was going to solve all of their problems.”

Then I heard of a neighbor, loud boorish Jerome who came down with the same symptoms; then his wife, Mary Lou. My cousin, Connie, called me from the hollers of West Virginia. Her Johnny couldn’t talk (he was never much for typing, so she didn’t know about that.)

I called my grandson who lives in Las Vegas and he was fine, but he also admitted that he didn’t vote in the election. My son-in-law sent a text telling me that Josie had the symptoms of the Strega virus. It was clear she voted for Trump. Her last post on Facebook, before I unfriended her was, ‘I liked being barefoot and pregnant.’

A quick phone call to my old Jewish neighbor, Manny was positive. He and Ellen were fine — no signs of any virus — but they were still in the state of shock over the election.

Now I hear of more and more people showing symptoms, mostly related to fear and regret for their vote. Will this virus traverse the country? Will it leave the midwest and the south in devastation? I don’t know and am so happy I voted for Hilliary.