The turmoil of my soul threatens to overshadow the longing of my innermost being. You touched me in a way that was familiar but unknown. When I could not see with my eyes you gave me sight. When I could not hear with my ears you enabled me to hear. You showed me great and mighty things that I knew not. You showed me myself outside of myself.
You took me with all that I could not give. It was a love affair that I could not have imagined. You extended your love to me first. I was your chosen one. You loved me not because of who I am but because of the magnitude of who You are. You gave me access to all that was given as yours.
I was in a dark place filled with so much pain. There was nothing appealing about me. But you saw something no one else could see. You took away my ashes. You you’re your light to shine upon me. You gave me beauty that extends beyond beauty.
All of my interest was absorbed by life’s unpleasantries. You took away my mourning. You gave me reason to smile again. I can feel the warmth of the sun as my life returns to me. You gave me the strength of your exceeding joy.
You took away all heaviness. I was so burdened down. I learned of you and saw the grace and calmness that is your life. I then understood how light and temporary are my present afflictions. You gave to me a garment through which I can express my praise.
You took away every fear of my heart. It was your perfect love that cast it away.
You gave me everlasting peace beyond what I could understand. You took what I deserved and kept it from me. You gave me your enduring mercy.
You took on my sins as yours. You died for me. You never held back. You shed your blood for me. You gave me perfect love. You rose for me. You gave me all of you. I could never do enough to thank you. I will never be the same.