We have to be very careful to guard ourselves against rejection, whether we are being rejected or are the one doing the rejecting. We have to understand that as believers, we are members of the same body. When a new believer enters the body of Christ after receiving salvation, they have been transplanted out of darkness and into light. So as believers it is our responsibility to accept that believer and connect with them in order to allow them to function to the potential and for the purpose God has created them to. When we reject them, it is just like in the natural when a person recieves an organ transplant. The time after the transplant is very critical. The physicians are watching to see if the body will accept or reject the new organ. When the new member is rejected, not only does the body fail to connect to allow functioning to the intended capacity, but the body actually attacks and attempts to destroy. We must be mindful as the body of Christ, that we are not attacking and destroying other members of the body. This is very critical. Rejection can cause lasting effects in the life of a member. It can disable them from being able to function at all, or at least severely hinder their functionality. So take heed people of God. Do not be responsible for attacking and destroying a fellow member of the body of Christ.