“Have we transformed as Independence Day patriots? High time to introspect ourselves!”

This day came back again on all of our calendars and it’s time to be that one-day patriot for most of our Indians. Isn’t this mannerism fear you about India’s future? This day comes again and again every year. Thank you dear calendar for giving this auspicious day back to us, atleast we speak better about our country once a year! This is precisely 70th time we getting it back. But I don’t know how better we transformed in all these seven decades aftermath of Indian independence. We have changed and transformed a lot but more as inhuman and malignant. We always did it for ourselves and never for this country of rich culture and heritage. We have managed to reach Moon and Mars but sadly failed to reach out the hearts of fellow citizen. We also somehow achieved academic excellence but failed bitterly at the attempt of learning human values and emotions. We beat poor Dalits almost to death for skinning a dead cow. How can we be called human beings anymore? This big question haunts me everyday but never got an answer. We are 1.25 billion but couldn’t even fetch us a title of “Developed Country” in this epoch. We can never be called developed unless we change our mindset. The day we become human beings, we are done. We simply watch a dying man there on the road but never makes an initiative to take him to the hospital just because of the fear accumulated in us about the system. Every morning we hear about the rapes and still couldn’t do anything better. We slander others to make our positions better. We politicize every death and riot just to gain personally not otherwise for this nation. We couldn’t change the status of “Developing nation” in these seven decades and for heaven’s sake my country is the one which is housing the most number of young minds. If these young and brave minds are used more and in a better way, the good days of being called by the name of 'SUPER POWER' is not so far.

We speak hell about the malfunctioning of the systems of our country but have we ever tried contributing in bringing about a change? No! Because we are busy developing nation hypothetically but never practically. I fear that have we changed into an Independence Day and Republic Day Patriots? We speak for our nation only on these days otherwise not. This mindset is very dangerous to this country and this could be a warning bell to everyone. I still do remember that exactly an year back on the same auspicious occasion I wrote about achievements of my nation and now within an year these new thoughts flown out as words today. We have born here, lived here and would be dying here someday but important is what we have contributed to this great country of rich culture and heritage. Remember that we all have a huge debt of infinite value owing to this country. If possible wake up every morning with the thought of paying interest to this debt and give your bit to this country. If you could able to do that you are done. Make my country great. With this I wish you a very happy Independence Day. 🇮🇳🇩🇮🇦


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