Okay, first point.
Avarielle Armstrong

If your support for Sanders is based on his trustworthiness, then why not continue to use that reason to support Hillary? Did you listen to his speech at the DNC? If not, I highly suggest doing so. Bernie Sanders recognizes the threat of a Trump presidency and another 8 years of a republican led congress.

Bernie couldn’t be president, but he’s got a seat at the table now. He’s proved to everyone in the establishment that not only do his ideas have merit, but there’s a lot of power to the movement. Perhaps Hillary has co-opted Bernie to get the presidency, but if you believe in his trustworthiness, and his experience, consider looking at things a different way. Bernie is going to get something out of this too and that is going to factor into keeping his “revolution” going. Changing the Democratic party is the way to start it.

If we want to keep what Bernie started going into 2020, then I believe the best way to do it is to support Hillary now. Use those four years to keep building momentum, keep gaining support for progressive ideas. We’ll be able to hold Hillary’s feet to the fire on those issues WAAAAAY better than we’ll be able to influence Trump. Stick with Bernie. Keep active in influencing politics. What Bernie supporters did during this primary was build a foundation. We need to ensure that foundation stays around so that we can build on it further.