Killing Plants

Watering Wednesdays-Gauntlet Thrown

So in taking a break from egg-bird watching, and by the way, I’ve noticed mama bird there more and more often. Sometimes she’ll let me peep at her and sometimes she flies away. To entertain myself and to accept an indirect challenge, I did a little side project. My recently moved neighbor stayed with her sister and HAD to send me pictures of “look-what-my- sister-did-with-the-same-plants-you- have…” kind of challenge.

So instead of using plants she gave me, because they’re already settled, I went to Lowe’s and scoured the almost-dead/super-on-sale section and brought back these:

The lilies are actually from Home Depot. For $2.50/6 I couldn’t resist. I think the rest were $1 each.

I already had some hanging baskets, albeit a bit rusty, but who cares and it’s not really noticeable hanging high on my porch. I had to buy some of the inserts and got the wrong size, but cutting and folding it over worked.

Next my helper, who has a little trouble following directions and staying on task, but hey, for free help, I can’t complain. His job was to fill baskets with dirt.

The whole point of this task was to make a hanging basket with mixed plants and I feel this was accomplished in a timely fashion & super easy even for someone like me.

They turned out pretty and are still alive-but hanging baskets are a little more trouble to water since I’m a whopping 5'2 inches tall. Lucky for me, lawn furniture will hold my weight.

TIP: Be gentle separating root systems and pulling apart plants because they are sensitive to changes too!

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