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Watering Wednesday-Addictions

I've never thought of addictions as seriously strong impulses. I didn't understand why people smoked-I mean it reeks, it's expensive, and you're ostracized to only doing it outside, far from buildings/people. Then I did a little self-examination.

I’m addicted to chocolate. Not a day goes by that I don't have some form of it. Mostly, it's just a handful of dark chocolate baking chips at the end of the day...or several times throughout the day. It's like a tiny fix. If I don't have it, I want it, desperately want it, until I sneak a few chips.

I’m addicted to reading. Although I don't read a book every single day, when I am reading a book I can't stop and usually finish it within 2-3 days. The husband, kids, and dog's needs fall by the wayside as I try to find new hidden spots in the house where I can read in peace.

I'm addicted to running. I run every other day and if I miss a day, my body feels out of sorts. Stress seems to build and I'm pretty sure I yell at my kids more on those days. Of course, when I'm actually out there running all my mind can think is, "Why am I doing this? I hate gasping for air and feeling like I'm dying". But I still run.

It seems I'm now addicted to flowers. I have always liked flowers...from a distance. Now that I'm on this journey of self-improved gardener, I want flowers everywhere. I have scoured the racks of 50% off and $1 plants at my local Lowe's. Just yesterday I was there and perusing. I thought-Y'know, I really don't have any more space to put flowers right now. My beds are full and I can't dig up the yard (every time I do, my husband reminds me of the money and time spent to lay down all the sod). So I pushed my empty cart away...

…and then I turned back. Well, there is that area by the sandbox that could be livened up. I snagged 3 boxes of vincas for a $1 each.


We all have them.

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