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What Can Go Wrong, will go Wrong

This is my new look. I borrowed the hub’s safety glasses (which kept slipping off my head and tangling in my hair) and his mask. As soon as I breathed out, a ton of residual sawdust shot right up my nose and into my eyes. So much for safety. Actually I’m days past this picture and I still feel like I have sawdust in my nostrils and lungs.

I usually have very little awareness of safety because I just plunge into whatever task that needs to get done. I do tend to wear earplugs because I kind of need hearing for my real job outside of my novice furniture re-doing career.

So on this night of all nights I decided to tackle the doors of the dresser that didn’t fit. For some reason I’m seriously procrastinating on touching the armoire.

I borrowed my dad’s belt sander when he went out of town. He gave it to me, I didn’t swipe it (just for the record). My mom was paranoid that I would be using it by myself. I don’t know why, it’s not a saw. Can’t really sand a finger off…at least not without some significant effort. So how much to sand? Doesn’t look like much and a belt sander takes off a lot, right? I have no idea…so off we go.

This is taking a while…

Like forever. Oh my…how long is this going to take? My arms are dying. My lower back is k-i-l-l-i-n-g me. Have I even made a difference yet?

After probably 2 hours of off and on sanding…I’m finally there! It fits! It fits! If I wasn’t half dying I would dance a jig. And if there weren’t power tools and extension cords littered all over my garage. This was a hard won battle.

So the next day I painted the doors (I’m beyond ready to finish this!). I’ve already eaten crow and admitted to my husband that I will NEVER get free furniture again. At least not like a whole bedroom set. Maybe nightstands or an end table. Something feasible that won’t take me months.

I’m ready to put the doors on and I do with utter satisfaction only to find…THEY DO NOT FIT!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Sooooooo back to sanding. Again. Did I mention I hate sanding?

But you know what? Hard work pays off. Those darn doors fit now.

So the hardware is on sale for half off at Hobby Lobby so I’ve been running to town and even my neighbor has picked up some hardware for me. Of course they never have as many pieces as I need. I finally went back and found two more knobs but they weren’t as white and basically wouldn’t match at all so I found different knobs and put those in. Buuuuutt…guess what?

They’re pretty close. And by pretty close I mean…the screw-backing to the knob hits the other over-hang part of the door. I need to figure out a way to saw/cut off the end part of the screw. We don’t have that kind of tool. Not sure there’s a tool that does that. Actually there probably is. I must find it.

But I can shut the doors. It’s just tricky. There’s a basket in the middle slot but it’s pushed back. I may go with smaller knobs on the cabinet doors…I just don’t know.

TIP: There are ways around wrong things, they just take a more circuitous route. And many return trips to stores.

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