Killing Plants-Watering Wednesday

The Reality

The Reality is…I’m not so great with plants. Hence, the title of this blog. Thus far though, for the most part, I’ve avoided drawing your attention to that. Instead, I’ve posted a myriad of stories and pictures about the awesomeness of mulch, baby birds, and home improvement do-it-youself projects.

Today it’s time for a reality check. Most of the plants are doing okay. But a few aren’t.

My peace lily isn’t looking so peaceful. I moved it to the corner of my bedroom for a change since the corner was empty, but I don’t think the plant received enough sunlight. Also, the stems/leaves were often droopy, so I kept watering. Then I thought-hey, maybe it’s not getting enough indirect sunlight, so I moved it back to the bathroom. And for some reason, I feel like I water this one twice as much as the peace lily I have downstairs. Does it have enough room? Does it need a bigger pot? I have no idea. Although I am feeling a sense of deja-vu because this is not my first time with this kind of plant.

Nope, I’ve been here before. Leaves droop. I water. Leaves don’t perk up so I water some more. Watering Wednesdays turn into a Waterfall Wednesday until I eventually cause all the leaves to yellow or brown (there is no inbetween).

We’ll see how it goes. It’s not dead yet.

The rubber/money tree is though. Totally dead. I tried to straighten the stem and it broke off in my hand.

I still have the leaf pieces that fell off and I stuck in dirt. Those are still green and haven’t died yet. So maybe a new plant will rise from the ashes.

TIP: Stick with it. Even with things seem a little droopy, stay the course.

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