Killing Plants-Watering Wednesdays:

The Financial Impact of Overwatering

Something everyone’s guilty of at some point in their life is the art of overcompensation. You feel guilty you missed watching your kid snag an award (yep, the same award everyone else got) so you buy them an overpriced toy they’ve been wanting or you forget an aunt’s birthday (the same one who NEVER forgets yours) and invent a holiday so you can buy a card for her.

It happens.

Amongst those life issues are when you forget to water a plant for so long, the leaves shrivel and drop off. At first, you think your kids have been knocking leaves off the plant, or maybe a more likely culprit-the dog.

And technically, they didn’t really shrivel, they just fell off.

The dirt was dry-looking, so I watered.

Nothing really seemed to change after a week…dirt was still dry as a desert so I watered again…and again.

Even though I remember my neighbor telling me not to water it that much. The dirt seemed dry and rock solid on top-surely it thirsted for refreshing, cool, tap water!

Apparently not.

The stem of my “money tree” is bent over like a slinky. When I moved it to take pictures, a chunk fell off. I tried to tighten the tie to make it stand up a little straighter on the stick. Nope. Another piece fell off. I texted my neighbor and she suggested I let it dry out for 2–3 weeks (not in the sun). I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, my mom has the same plant (calls it a rubber plant) and she picks pieces off all the time, sticks them in the dirt, and voila! It roots and starts growing-pinching does work! (notice I put it in an cherub pot because it needs all the heavenly help it can get)

TIP: You can come back from overwatering (I think…we’ll find out) and an overwatered money tree doesn’t actually affect your finances!

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