Killing Plants-Watering Wednesdays & Pinching

The art of pinching is something I clearly haven’t mastered….yet. My neighbor’s Russian mother used to walk the aisles of Lowe’s and pinch plants or pick up pieces from the ground. She’d put them in dirt and voila! They’d grow into lovely (free) plants. When my neighbor left, I decided to pinch a few of her plants, instead of yanking them fully from the ground (thought the upcoming owners might notice if there were bald patches in the flower beds).

I walked along her house and pinched a few flowers here and there. I tried to find new growth because my mother cuts new growth from her hydrangeas and sticks them in water until roots spring forth. I have a lot of houseplants in jars of water as it is, so I was hoping this dirt idea would work.

Day One

Did I mention that during a morning run I also pinched off some new growth of honeysuckle because a) I LOVE the smell and b) I thought a honeysuckle vine running up my pergola post would look pretty.

And this would be day 30ish…

This one isn’t looking too bad. Most of them are still green, even if the flowers have fallen. I think they’ll survive.

So the honeysuckle is suffering a little, but I feel like plants kinda go through a bit of a dead phase (during their shocked adjustment) and it’ll pull through, except that brown stem…that one is pretty much a goner.

TIP: Losing a free plant to an experiment is much better than killing an expensive one.

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