Looking back: Why so many of my conspiracy theories have simply become conspiracies.

This I’ve wondered about since 9/11:

  • Should we have gone to war in Iraq based on some drawings and satellite images of trucks with tarps on them that Colin Powell presented as proof of weapons of mass destruction?
  • If the wealthiest amongst us (in America) only had 25% of the wealth of the nation in the 70’s & 80’s, and 33% of the nation’s wealth in the 90’s, will Americans stop praising the wealthy and instead realize that our leaders have sold us all out so they could get rich as public servants?
  • Will people ever understand that Supplyside economics or “Trickle Down” economics as it is known on the “street” is simply the majority of a population (taxpayers) giving a minority (the rich) our money (in the form of tax breaks), so that minority (the rich) can then give us SOME of our money back after we’ve done some work for them (the rich)?

These are merely some of the questions I breached years ago and only a few of what some of the people I know perceived as conspiracy theories on my part. Looking back however, I can honestly say that these so-called conspiracies have been revealed as exactly what they were and what they continue to be, CONSPIRACIES for profit.

To find out if I was right, check back here as I post articles from my blog im2opinionated.blogspot.com , as they were written (typos and all) to see why I believe Americans and people’s of all nations need to wake up and try to salvage what we can of our world.