A Short Story Prompted By a Random Picture On Unsplash

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Running, running, running.

The night is pitch, a blanket of darkness that engulfs the landscape and blinds those who dare to tread. Don’t go out after dark, they say, for even that which is known becomes strange. They want to scare us, to keep us away, but away from what? The darkness cannot hurt you anymore then the day.

People still die in the sunlight, are lost in the morning, and tortured throughout the afternoon. Anyway, I know where I am going. It calls to me. …

Creative Cafe Prompt: Wear Scars

Lee Woodman 2012

The seeming eyes of a gargoyle look out on the dark city streets as a figure skulks in the shadows perched in the pocket of a building’s windowsill overlooking the moonlit City skyline. It may seem as shimmering and clear as crystal in the dead of this night as one looks to the sky for future promise, but below shows the cracks in its foundation, and those who slip between. It is here that Brie’s sharp, crisp, and cool eyes are fixed. A blue hazel glowing against the city’s darkness, as changeable in their hue…

Clara Lieu gesture drawing

I’m fighting to understand this thing that surrounds me. It is my responsibility, my soul obligation. No one can take care of it the way that I can. No one can love or nurture it for me. It is my birthright…yet I have no gift for its care.

I take this honor for a burden. I just want a break from its need, from its want of me and my want for it. How rebellious its nature. It seems only to want to defy me. …

Photo manipulations by Giorgia Napoletano

“I am flesh and blood”

The words come softly. Her face pressed against the laminate wood flooring. Sprawled on the floor like the squashed remains of a fly; wings broken, body twisted. It seems to convulse with the remainders of life.

As she chokes through the sharpened lumps in her throat. The tide of sordid emotion, tainted waste, and stifled passions. Each coming out as rumbles of guttural lamentations of why.

Why am I alive?

Why this existence?

Why did you put me here?

Never will an answer come. She knows this truth yet still attempts the plea. …

A poem

Something inside him needs fulfilling,
He has not been able to satisfied its lust.
It’s all shallow and meaningless

In the greater scheme of things it falls short, can’t compel this, refuses to dilute it.
Thirst will not be quenched, soul imbued.
It hurts so deep and intensely,
How does it seem to wrap its eerie claws around every piece of him?

Once a consumer of goods, of people and places,
Now a disgraced temple of all that was wasted.


I feel quite the kinship with this quote of Susan Sontag. I’ve always been called the watcher by my family, the one who seems to have this eerie ability to “see” and know all.

There were times I found it a curse. It can be hard being naturally attentive to detail and the subtleties of human nature. In most of my relationships I have proven the adage “I know you better then you know yourself” true. …


A writer is a world trapped in a person

- Victor Hugo

When I first heard this quote I can tell you that I was all the yes! It spoke to me with such truth, hitting upon something that I had also so deeply and organically believed.

At first, when I began to explore the depths of my creation it was just a fun thing to do, to “play” at, but so quickly it became so much more. It became an entity onto its own. …

Structure Doesn’t Have To Be So Strict


There are certain guidelines to writing, at least when you go to study it. You will learn to outline and sequence. How to create a three act structure (depending on the medium in which you write.) Basically you will learn how to write a cohesive story in a thought out and organized manner that will make it easier to edit and redraft.

It’s a great system, and everyone has their own particular way of making it work for them and speed the process of their writing well making it easier on themselves, but thus far I have found it just…


My guess is that if you’re a writer you have heard the advice “Write what you know.” It’s a big one in the screenwriting community as a form of guidance to help make your content more relatable and your characters and content more realistic.


I don’t necessarily agree. As a creative I believe it is important to get out of your box. …

And What It Taught Me About Writing

It’s a New Year and in many ways a new me. I feel a change and thankfully this time it feels good (2014–16 I’m looking at you). In truth I feel changed, or rather back to the truest form of myself.

I’ve had a rather tough go of things over the past “few” (I’m being kind to my timeline here) years, battling chronic illness as a teenager to twenty-something left me developmentally and emotionally drained and yes I’ll admit delayed.

Life and figuring sh** out has been my agenda for the past few years and we’re talking depression, dismorphia, disillusion…

Glory Anna

Writer, performer, interpreter of worlds, creator and curator of awesome ~Knowledge is power, but an informed imagination is potential dynamite. ~

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