This newcomer proves you don’t need professional acting training, just a bit of personal experience to mine

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This week I happened upon Dirty God on Prime Video’s well-stocked virtual shelves, where 23 users had given the film a healthy average of 4/5 stars. The score, one pretty consistent with those awarded by the best-known critics, is largely justified not only by Dutch film-maker Sacha Polok’s competent screenwriting and directorial efforts but also by the impressively spirited, arresting and nuanced performance she extracts from British newcomer Vicky Knight.

Rather than reviewing all aspects of Dirty God, a gritty and honest character study somehow filled with heart, I want to focus on Knight’s performance— a stunning mixture of physical and spoken elements. I also want to talk about the award-winning actress herself, but first, let’s take a quick look at the plot of this bold drama, nominated for the Grand Jury prize at last year’s Sundance Film Festival. …


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