Being Unique

“Not A Book” pg. 47

Today in class, we made tiny books. I made mine about a dog and a cat and called it “All The Dogs And Cats.” I read it out loud to the class and laminated it. My theme is uniqueness because no one’s book was the same.

Everybody is unique. That’s what makes everybody somebody. If I wasn’t unique, no one would be able to recognize me. If you notice, this slide is a lot like my slide on identity. You ever see those posters that say everyone is unique? Well, they are. I don’t want to sound like one of those cheesy inspirational posters but, if you weren’t unique, you’d just be a braindead zombie doing what everyone tells you too.I am unique because I like things that other people don’t. For example, I’m obsessed with books. I try to read at least one a day and if I don’t, I at least tried, right? If I’m not unique, or copy what others do, then I won’t be being me, I’ll just be being someone else.

Sometimes it annoys me when others copy me. I know adults say that the kid was just thinking that what you did was cool but, it’s still annoying. If I copy someone, and I try not to, it was all in good heart. I guess that’s why plagiarism isn’t legal, because you have to write unique stuff. If I just copied what others had to say, then it wouldn’t be worth writing anything at all.

An example of everyone being unique in class is, one girl wrote a book on what Minions would say, another performed the “Banana Song”. Anyway, I’m just saying that you should be unique, no matter what. That’s what I try to do. Be unique and be you, that’s all. I tried my best not to be one of those cheesy posters. — Halle (The unique) Weiseman, out!