What does Walter White teach us about starting a business?
Outofbox Advertising

What we must take away from this awesome success story(financially of-course) is his thought process.

WW didn’t reinvent the business. He did not just create a market from nowhere.

All he did was think in first principles.

He analysed what’s available. Tried to mimic it — but ended up with a better product. That’s coz he did it his way ( and being a chemist helps in cooking up a strong one).

He kept at it as you say, besides all troubles to get what he wanted. To be wanted and make some dough in the process. Then he was really WANTED by the lawmakers.

If we stick to what we know, look at the market and try and give what we can offer- there is a serious chance of making out with a name and money comes rolling in.

Only thing to do here is to fight mediocrity and the demand for it.
Showing the market what we can offer can literally change the game as WW did.

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