OMG, it’s almost Monday…

Technically the weekend is over. I only have one more day to really live before I go back to work and hear the solemn “Happy Monday’s” or listen to people justify every mishap by blaming the first day of the week.

I wonder why this is the norm. Does everyone hate their jobs? Is everyone secretly unhappy, wanting more than they currently get from life and the weekend is the only time they really feel free? I think it’s a combination of things but truth us, most people have to work. Most of us have accumulated debt or just want to eat and have a place to live so working [in some way, shape or form] is necessary for survival. But damn, two days out of seven is all I get to really proclaim who I am and do what I want…

So how do you live for more than just the weekend?

  • First, let’s not look at Monday as the start of the dreaded work week. If Monday had feelings and could talk, she’d say, “I’m special too and I deserve the enthusiam exhibited when Friday arrives.” I totally agree. Monday isn’t the start of a long week of chores and must dos. It’s a day. Another chance to do something great. And if you wake up you were meant to be a part of that day. My mom reminds me of a bible verse no matter what day is it: “this is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”
“Today,” she says, “is a beautiful day.” I agree.
  • Second, plan each day according to what makes you happy. For example, long walks or runs are essential to my mental and physical well being. Doing something that is meditative or provides mental clarity helps to provide a different outlook on life and more importantly makes me enjoy my day. Bottom line, spend time outside of work, doing what brings you joy.
  • Third, make your job your love. I know, this can be a tough one. I struggle with it too. But it’s so true if you love what you do, you won’t be miserable doing it. If you are working to save money or build a better life, do it, but be sure to balance it by doing something you’re passionate about. Pursuing your dreams while working a 9 to 5 or a part-time job can be grueling but also brings about such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Take time to do what you love, know what success means to you and use work as the fuel for your passion.

Finally, remember that anything you desire out of life, requires you to put in the time and effort. It requires work, persistence and that you give it all of you. It also requires that you LIVE like it’s your last day every day of the week — even Monday.

jennifer n. shannon (jns) is an author, writer and artist. her desire is to provoke thought, embrace truth and inspire others through words, images and whatever else she can use.