Nolcha Show Presents a Sustainable Handbag Brand Launch Luncheon Featuring Aranyani

On Thursday, February 8, 2018, The Nolcha Shows partnered with sustainable handbag brand ARANYANI, to launch the brands Fall/Winter 2018 collection during New York Fashion Week.

Hosted at AMALI NYC, the brand brought together 15 ethical editors, digital influencers and sustainable bloggers, who previewed the brands collection, networked, and discussed the power of female entrepreneurs and the importance of sustainable and social impact brands.

ARANYANI is a luxury bag collection, that brings a unique forest-inspired experience to the discerning world class consumer. Each product is inspired by nature and it embodies a royal-deserving attributes, through careful preserved heritage and vibrant art. ARANYANI creates high-quality sustainable product that connects man to nature, through its stories and designs. The brand empowers Artists and Craftsmen in India to create pieces of Art, each bag is as Elusive as ARANYANI, the goddess of the Forest, the brand only produces two pieces per city.

The 3 focuses of the brand are: 
To re-connect human-kind with nature, they believe in taking this message to all the people that can contribute in making a difference.

To empower artisans that might not otherwise have the opportunity to practice the art of painting and be sustainable economically.
Ethical Sourcing. 
a) The machinery 
* Italian machines are used in the facility with no toxic chemicals but water base and following European standard in the craftsmanship.

b) Ethical sourcing practices 
Leather from India — where animals are not being slaughtered and water is not being contaminated (it took 18 months before the brand found the right vendors to collaborate with) 
Providing economic development for local vendors and artists in India.

c) Paid Training by the brand: 
Investment on people’s skills, the team was sent to Italy to be trained by Arsutoria, a world’s leading shoe and bag trainer and developer since 1947. The process continues as the coach comes to India every 2 months to continue training the team.

d) ARANYANI partnerships 
The brand collaborates with organizations to promote nature outdoor driven activities as well as art for youth and families, as well as their staff. 
Please find attached the invitation for your review along with an information sheet with more in-depth information on what makes ARANYANI a sustainable brand.

On February 11th, ARANYANI went on to launch their Fall/Winter 2018 collection at the Nolcha Shows during New York Fashion Week.

The Nolcha Shows are a leading award winning event, held during New York Fashion Week, for independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience of press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers. Over the past nine years the Nolcha Shows have become established as a platform of discovery; promoting cutting edge innovative fashion designers through runway shows and exhibitions.

Nolcha holds shows each season in September and February for NYFW.