Brain on the Lam!

I woke up at 4am this morning. Now, to people who know me, this is not all that unusual. I’m also one of those weird, unfortunates, who, once awake, is AWAKE!

For some unknown reason, though, I woke up with a story in my head; something that, if I actually got it down on paper, just might be of interest to my little nephew.

I opened my eyes, looked at the clock in despair and then got fueled up with the idea that at least I could fill my time with something. Of course, I was starving, so I had to have my breakfast. After gobbling in a way you can only do alone, I sat down, with computer and pad in front of me — so there would be no excuses.

I sat poised, pen in hand, and I thought. I thought about my grocery list, my bushy eyebrows that need an appointment with the weed whacker; my laundry, my family, my friends, my bike, the weather… the list goes on. I did the dishes, fed my cat, called home, surfed the web and sat down again. 9am, really?

I decided to move location — I took my pad and pen and went from the couch to my table and chairs in the sun outside. I wrote a few lines and then over the next ten minutes, differing neighbours said the following — in no particular order: “Hello!” “Hey” “Hey D, you don’t have to write me love letters, just tell me!” “Hey” “The government knows there’s Martians, you know” “Happy King Day!” “You got a hair cut!” “My cat is beautiful, no?” “You smell nice” “Hello” and “It’s a pink day, yes?”

Now, I’m quite the sociable “Hiya, howya doin’” type of person, but I had a pen and paper in hand and I looked severely constipated. Constipated, people!

Well meaning as it (mostly) all is, I came back inside.

I have now forgotten what I wanted to get at the grocery store, have made an eyebrow appointment for later this week and a snack sounds good. NO!

Oh crap, mocking is catching. My brain is actually costive now. It’s also making a weird clicking noise.

Okay, back to it…

But you know, before I make my nephew slay any dragons, get swallowed whole by his Nintendo DS or steal any treasure, I’ll just make a quick cup of coffee first.