Infant WWSC on air and up in the air

New York Gov. Thomas Dewey, as he was laying ground work to run for President, was among the guests for a special 90-minute broadcast from 9 to 10:30 p.m. Dec. 18, 1947 on WWSC radio in Glens Falls to celebrate the first anniversary of the AM radio station going on the air.

“A local radio station, under the American system of free enterprise , is dependent for its existence upon three groups: its staff, its sponsors, and, most of all, the listening public. To all of these the owners of WWSC are extremely grateful,” stated an advertisement WWSC ran in The Post-Star that morning. “One Year Old Today And Doing Nicely — Thank you.”

WWSC had 21 employees at the time. Its tagline was : “The Feeling Is Mutual In Glens Falls.”

Other guests on the anniversary broadcast were: U.S. Sen. Irving M. Ives, R-N.Y.; U.S. Rep. Dean Taylor, R-Troy; state Assemblyman Harry Reoux, R-Warrensburg; national conservative radio commentator Fulton Lewis Jr.; and Glens Falls Mayor John Bazinet.

Among promotions during the first year of operation of the infant radio station was a 15-minute broadcast from a Navy combat blimp that flew over Glens Falls in August 1947.

The Tide Water Associated Oil Company leased the blimp for an advertising campaign in northern New York and New England.

Glens Falls Mayor John Bazinet and Leonard J. Moynehan, general manager of Glens Falls Distributing Co., distributors of Tydol and Veedol gasoline, headed up a delegation that successfully negotiated terms of the broadcast with Tide Water officials in Albany, The Post-Star reported on Aug. 2, 1947.

Other members of the delegation were: Charles H. Rook, secretary of Glens Falls Distributing; Harold Short, sales manager of Glens Falls Distributing; Roy Gibb, owner of Riverside Gas and Oil Co.; Martin R. Karig, president and general manager of Great Northern Radio Inc., which operated WWSC; and Jack Bennet, sales manager of Great Northern Radio.