The Hyde in ’69 — Art appreciation

Maury Thompson
Oct 22 · 1 min read

The Hyde Collection, Finch, Pruyn & Co., and Crandall Public Library collaborated in 1969 to enhance the appreciation of fine art among children.

Finch, Pruyn commissioned framed prints of Hyde Collection works “Christ With Folded Arms” by Rembrandt, “Head of a Negro” by Rubens, “Geraniums” by Hassams, “Dancer With Red Stockings” by Degas, “St. John’s River, Florida” by Homer and “Valley of the Meuse” by Bols.

The prints were donated to Crandall Public Library to be part of a larger collection of 27 framed art prints that families could check out for 30 days at a time from the children’s department.

The goal was to increase the appreciation of art by putting great works in the homes of families with young children who otherwise might not be able to afford fine art prints.

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Eustance conceived the project and implemented it on behalf of Friends of Crandall Public Library.

“The youngest patrons will be enchanted to borrow Joan Walsh Aglund illustrations from her popular small books ‘Sping is a New Beginning,’ ‘Love is a Special Way of Feeling,’ ‘A Friend is Someone Who Likes You,’ and “Christmas is a Time of Giving,’” the Glens Falls Times reported on Oct. 17, 1969.

Other prints included works by Brian Wildsmith and Durer.

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