Learn your position at the table. You have a disc in front of you. It’s called the button. The button will follow the table. At the end of each round of hands the button will move to the next player clock wise. If there’s an empty seat beside you and the button is there who is betting the SB? 🧐

The button follows the player not an empty seat. This is one way to find out that your playing a wrong game. Or your software and device got hacked. Be alert when you play. Watch out for these minor fast ones. They slide one over to see if your alert. If you let it go

you will lose that tournament. What you need to do is take a screen shot with your device and report it. The website will collect this info and will contact you. They will send a link to reinstall the software and get you back in the game. If it does happen you will lose a few days in gaming. It’s unfortunate but it happens. If your like me you have another game to play. I don’t satisfy with one game. I like playing 3 to 4 games sometimes running all 4 games at the same time. It will make it harder for the hacker to follow you on all games. A hacker will not join the Poker school he wants your money. You will become a better player by joining the Poker School. Better than the hacker. Trust me. You might even notice it and I have seen it with my two eyes a player showing is winning hands giving you a fast glimpse. If you spot this STFU. Continue playing take personal notes of the player,user name country,what ever you see. If you spot it again take another screen shot. It happens to me a player shows me a fast glimpse Pocket aces. He’s c betting everything. The next hand he plays the same way. C-bet wins the hand and shows pocket aces again. Third hand the same play same hand. If your serious and even if your not serious. This type of play or scam is an attempt to aggravate you and make you lose the game or put you on tilt. Or you will win the last pay out . The last pay out if your playing for a share of 10 000$ your sitting with a pool of players in the thousands by numbers. You will probably win the last pay out of 1.00$ instead of 15$ or 20$ or more. Be alert for scams like this . Poker is a fun game to play. Scams like this should not affect you but it does to certain people. You see it has a free roll raking something , and you ask yourself questions like what dignity do you have to scam for a buck or less? The scammers see it in another way. They look at 10 000 players or more/day scamming for a buck or less. There scam figures add up quickly to 10 000$/day or more.

If you don’t spot this they gonna nibble on your bank roll like rats till you have nothing and nothing in free rolls either. Your game will die on you and force you to make a deposit. A lot of times when you want to claim your money or report a problem a menu will appear. Read the menu carefully. What you click on to report a problem is very important. If you click that you had a problem with the server, they will use that against you and they will not pay you back. They will relate the problem to your device. It’s your responsibility to keep device updated. Look for another issue in the issue menu and click on something else.Don’t go on social media and start complaining. Report it shut up about it . This is the best advice I could give you has a nonprofessional player with years of experience with Virtual Real Money Poker.

Take care and have nice day.



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