Book diverts mindset to Positivity.

In office today, I felt so warmth in environment.

I pick up my iPhone and asked Siri about the temprature.

It’s 42 degree outside!! Hot. Siri responded.

And more than that, Eletricity has been turned off due to technical issue at my place for 2 hours in afternoon. Really frustrating and anxious situation in my office. All the people around me was complaining about it continuously. But i applied a different approach.

I open my little shelf at office and pick up the book named, “The Mysterious Island” by Jule Verne. It is story of 5 man who have coragious bettle with life on an unknown Iceland. All they have is nothing but a one pair of cloth which they wore and couple of skills they have learn in their life.

Its an adventurous tale which can fuels my imagination with every page. But in this case it is more than that. It has dragged my attention completely from the heatwave and the environment of frustration to gratitide of living in this era of technology and comfort.

That book made me realise that how blessed we are that our ancient people have gifted us this tools and technology to advance our life with comfort and ease. On one side, i was reading story of how 5 people are fighting for their survival and how crucial it is to find food and shelter in unknown island. on a flip sideo f reality, i was surrounded by technological tools like MacBook, iPhone.

They were wandering all around for water and food and i am having access to water and fruits in a matter of seconds. It makes my mind aware about bessing i have rather than betting on the single problem of the day, “Lack of Electricity”

“Books are really a magic-wand to elivate our consciousness.”