For This Republican, Never Trump Means “I’m With Her”
Caroline McCain

Delighted to read this and hope you can influence more GOP folks. That said, I’m really sorry to say that it was your grandad in his ‘HailMary’ attempt to win in 2008 who brought on Don’s female equivalent, which opened up this Pandora Box of hate, mean and bigoted. I was also impressed that another member of your family-now married to an AfricanAmerica-condemned the hateful rhetoric out here re: race just recently on Twitter.

Again, it really was your grandad’s party that vilified, condemned and profiled #BarackObama and not just through the 2008 campaign. He and his/your party made a pledge to each other that they would NEVER pass any of our president’s policies…and they didn’t…for 8 years, the GOP kep this country in lockdownGridlock because of BarackObama’s skin color so….

As I said, glad you’re on board now. It’s always about ‘me & mine’ isn’t it? That’s what triggers us into action-when it hits close to home -we react. I’m really sorry you didn’t feel this concern for the last 8 years when your party did its best to ensure Obama’s failure as POTUS. Despite your concerted efforst over the last 8 years, you couldn’t make him ineffective. Now the chickens have come home to roost through the door in PAndora’s Box that your granddad flung open to win in 2008.

Karma’s a bitch & welcome to our party.