Mind cross

Love is a social action, love it or not. This time, one of our members decided to make statements on social conditions (illegal immigration, faith, the rat race and contested art spaces), and tie it together with cupid’s bow.
Here, Nihilistic Negro prophesies:

You crossed my mind this morning -
Tenacious memories of you, 
Like illegal immigrants
At the Mediterranean
Paddling through the tiniest openings
In the electric walls of my neural defense,
Past the borders 
Of my subconscious,
To fill the white-rock shore 
Of my mind…

St. Lucia News Online

You crossed my mind this noon -
Reflexive memories,
Like the unlearned ritual
Of a devout worshiper's hands 
Signing across his head & shoulders 
When baffled…
Done, before realised.

Defenders of the Catholic Faith

You crossed my mind this evening -
Forceful memories,
Like the zombified hordes
Of white-collar New Yorkers
At rush hour
Raging through a zebra crossing 
To halt the passage of all ongoing
Traffic of thoughts…..
Thoughts other than of you.

Empire State of the road

You crossed my mind tonight -
Deliberate memories
Like the final stroke
On a calligraphic note
That crosses an incomplete ‘t’ 
Giving meaning to the letter…
As the florid imprint of your remembrance
Gives to my days.

The good people of YouTube


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