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GhostMarket is the most powerful cross-chain Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace in the world! It sports a comprehensive selection of features wrapped in a gorgeous and intuitive user interface. GhostMarket features fully trustless NFT trading facilitated by smart contracts on each integrated blockchain. One of its most powerful and innovative features is the uMint NFT Factory. This next generation self minting NFT Factory allows artists and developers to create and sell NFTs powered by Smart NFT technology, allowing their creations to take on a whole new dimension.

Why NFT — and what is a Smart NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have the potential to revolutionize the way artists, musicians and game developers distribute content. NFTs differ from traditional blockchain assets like bitcoin because each NFT is unique, rare and authentic. These characteristics make NFTs attractive to collectors as they can represent various forms of media — for example:

  • Digital artwork
  • An in-game item
  • Crypto collectibles
  • Exclusive music releases
  • A ticket to an event
  • …and so much more

GhostMarket’s smart NFT technology builds on this concept and takes things to the next level by adding properties to the NFT like time-based access, multi-layer, royalties and infusion of assets inside the NFT. These NFTs can also be infused inside one another similar to how the Matryoshka nested Russian doll toys work. Furthermore, these infused NFTs can also be burned in order to acquire the embedded contents. The most exciting part about all of this is that creators can unleash the power of minting GhostMarket smart NFTs in just a few clicks.

A great short video walkthrough of the NFT creation process

There are three essentials you’ll need in place to get started buying, selling or creating NFT’s on GhostMarket, let’s get started.

1 — Get Wallet

GhostMarket makes it easy for users to shop on the marketplace by connecting with their current GhostMarket compatible wallet. GhostMarket continues to expand its cross — chain functionality and has thus far integrated the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), NEO and Phantasma blockchains. This allows Ghostmarket to support the following crypto wallets:

  • BSC wallets: MetaMask, Binance Wallet, Wallet Connect, Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, TokenPocket and SafePal Wallet.
  • NEO wallets: o3 and Neoline Wallets.
  • Phantasma wallets: Poltergeist and Ecto Wallets. sports superior cross-chain functionality allowing users to connect and shop with various crypto wallets.

2 — Connect Wallet

GhostMarket has added cross-chain interoperability with Binance Smart Chain, NEO and Phantasma allowing users to connect with various crypto wallets.

2.1 Add Wallet

Bookmark and connect your wallet. From the navigation bar click Account > My Wallets > Add Wallet and add your choice of supported crypto wallets.

2.2 Login

Login with your wallet of choice. Your wallet will ask you to give the GhostMarket dapp access to your wallet, click YES.

Login with your choice of supported wallets.

3 — Buy Crypto

3.1 Enter the amount of ETH you need.

Before starting your collection you need to add funds to your wallet. allows you to purchase crypto with fiat via your credit card. From the navigation menu click Buy Crypto and enter the amount of crypto you want to buy in your nations currency.

GhostMarket offers the following cryptos for purchase: BNB, BUSD, ETH, USDC, NEO, SOUL and KCAL.

3.2 Choose the best seller. facilitates fiat to crypto conversions via Moonpay/Wyre and IndaCoin. Moonpay requires KYC (know your customer) identification and Wyre doesn’t require KYC, but usually has a less efficient conversion rate. facilitates fiat to crypto conversions via Moonpay/Wyre and IndaCoin.

3.3 Enter your crypto address and email.

Input your email and your crypto address and click Continue. This allows the seller to send your funds to your crypto wallet.

3.4 Verify your email.

Enter your verification code sent to your e-mail.

3.5 KYC

Now you’re all set! If you ever have trouble viewing your NFTs, make sure your wallet is connected correctly. is a window into your wallet address, showing all the awesome NFTs inside. doesn’t store your digital assets, it’s only a fun place to buy, sell, create, and trade NFTs.

The heart of are the Browse page and search features. Enjoy buying, creating, selling and trading NFTs on!

Create NFT

GhostMarket’s uMint NFT factory allows users the option of creating NFTs for each integrated blockchain.

With GhostMarket’s integration of the Binance Smart Chain, NEO and Phantasma blockchains, users now have the option of creating NFTs for each integrated chain. GhostMarket supports the following NFT token standards:

  • BSC NFT Token Standard: GHOST (BEP-721) and GHOST (BEP-1155)
  • NEO NFT Token Standard: GHOST (NEP-11)
  • Phantasma NFT Token Standard: GHOST (PEPE-12)

Keep in mind that once you’re on the blockchain ecosystem of your choice, you’ll need to pay for transactions with their native token.

  1. Click Create NFT in the navigation bar to take you to the uMint interface.
  2. Upload your file — this should be less than 25MB and can be any one of the following types: webp, mp4, png, jpg, jpeg, gif or svg.
  3. Give your NFT a name, description and type (art, music, game, book etc.).

Control NFT

GhostMarket’s uMint NFT factory allows creators to control their royalties, asset infusion, price and more.

Control your NFT by setting royalty percentages, infusing other assets, setting your desired price, choosing whether to list directly and even giving it exclusive locked content only the owner can access.

  1. Set your Royalties percentage that the creator will receive for each resale of the item. Also, set the Quantity and Max Supply of your NFT.
  2. To infuse your NFT click the Infuse NFT with Asset button and choose how much and which asset you want to infuse. (BNB, ETH, SOUL, KCAL, NEO etc). When you first mint an NFT you can only infuse it with fungible tokens. To infuse your NFT with another NFT, first mint your NFT then click the NFT and go to the Infusion Section.
  3. To list your NFT click the Marketplace Listing button and set your price and the asset you want to receive your payment in (BNB, ETH, SOUL, NEO, etc).
  4. To embed exclusive content, click the Locked Content button. Locked Content is a URL or code that only the NFT owner has access to.
  5. Confirm and mint your smart NFT. Approve GhostMarket to execute transactions with your wallet to complete the process.

Taking NFTs to the next level,


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