Use Tips From Online Dating Profiles To Boost Your Book Sales

Whether your “happily-ever-after” involves an engagement ring or an ISBN, more and more people are using the Internet to find a love match. According to a recent online study, approximately one-third of married couples met online. And when readers are searching for a book they’ll want to spend their days and nights with, many are making those connections and book purchases online. In fact, most book sales happen online. So if you want to catch a reader’s eye — try using the matchmaking advice that works on the big online dating sites!

Writers: Tips From Online Dating Profiles That Can Boost Book Sales

Look really, really good. Prospective dinner dates browse photos before they start reading deeper into personal profile text. What’s the lesson for writers? If you’re set on making a good first impression, your cover art is where it all starts. The Internet is an increasingly visual place, with image-driven websites like Instagram and Pinterest gaining ground, and Twitter and Facebook increasing their emphasis on visuals. Learn more about making a good first impression.

Don’t be a pushy braggart. Online daters do best when they avoid unsubstantiated bragging; online marketers do the same. Win hearts by stating the facts of your book. Then, let reviewers, bloggers, and quotable authors do your bragging for you!.

Increase your visibility. If you’re not putting yourself out there, you could be missing opportunities to make a match. Just like an online dating hopeful, you should cast a wide net and make sure you have a presence in all the places where readers hang out online.

Tell your authentic story. We can’t say enough about how powerful your true story can be when it comes to connecting with readers. Generously share the circumstances that led to the creation of your book just like daters share the story of how their life events shaped them. Readers will love getting to know the real you.

Provide great content. After a person makes the decision to go on a first date — and after a reader decides to crack open an online sample to peek at the first chapter — the marketing “sizzle” has done its job. Now the only thing that can sell your book (or help with a love connection) is personal chemistry, AKA the “steak.” So make sure your book is well written, polished, and perfectly formatted before you publish it online.

Don’t sell yourself short — or be too full of yourself. There is one more factor in self-publishing that can help potential readers fall in love with your book — and that’s your price point. Setting the right price for your book is key — you don’t want to be so expensive that you can’t compete, nor do you want to be so cheap that readers will think your book lacks value.

And here’s one final thought to leave you with about online dating and self-publishing: Remember that meeting a special someone isn’t an algorithm, and neither is book promotion. Think outside the Internet, keep your eyes peeled, and when you see an opportunity, go for it.

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