Adventures in Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction and the surrounding area offers many sightseeing opportunities and fun outdoor activities. So many that it can be difficult to choose the where to go, especially if your time in the area is limited. Check out lovely mountain views, delicious wines, world-class mountain biking, and a variety of other classic Colorado adventures.

The Colorado National Monument

Breathtaking views from the Colorado National Monument makes it a must-see for visitors of Grand Junction. Deep canyons and gorgeous rock formations make this monument the first place you should visit. There are hiking trails, biking paths, and an easy drive over the mountain, which means you can explore this marvel of nature anyway you wish. And at the top, you can overlook the whole Grand Valley from above.

Palisade Vineyards

Just outside of Grand Junction, Colorado, Palisade is a green oasis in the high desert. Not only do they grow famous peaches (and if you plan to come in August, try to schedule around the local Palisade Peach Festival for a chance to taste the delicious peaches prepared every way imaginable), but the area offers many local wineries. Stop in for wine tastings and watch the sunset over the vineyard.

The Grand Mesa

The tallest of three mountain ranges that create the walls of the Grand Valley, the Grand Mesa is the tallest flat-topped mountain in the world. Unlike the high desert climate that otherwise surrounds Grand Junction, the Grand Mesa boasts over 300 lakes and a lush, green landscape. Not only can you sightsee, but you can also fish and camp on the Grand Mesa. Unlike the desert valley below, at over 11,000 feet, the Grand Mesa offers a truly Colorado mountain experience.

Mountain Biking in Fruita

Fruita, Colorado is home to some of the best mountain biking in the country. Trails vary from those easy enough brand-new bikers to hair-raising, difficult trails. Even better, you can rent mountain bikes from local shops in the town of Fruita. After a long day of mountain biking, you can go back to town to visit local breweries and eat some delicious local food. Or you can camp on the trail in certain areas, and not only avoid the cost of a hotel room for at least a night, but truly experience the beauty of the desert with the stars shining above you.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Powderhorn

If you visit Grand Junction during the winter, you may want to check out Powderhorn ski resort. While Powderhorn isn’t as large as some of the more well-known ski resorts in Colorado like those in Aspen and Vail, it has local charm, low prices, and is far less crowded than some of the larger resorts. Best of all, Powderhorn is less than an hour’s drive from Grand Junction, and you can rent any equipment needed at the resort.

Grand Junction, Colorado, offers great sightseeing and fun travel activities for nature and wine lovers alike — not to mention all of the fun, outdoor sporting activities for adventure enthusiasts. Explore the area, and you will not be disappointed.