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Are you one of 80% of Australians who classify yourself as not feeling engaged by your work? It could be worse. In China & Singapore, the figure is 97%.

Why It’s So Hard Finding Your Passion

It’s hard to find your passion when you’re stuck in what is known as a bullshit job.

When I worked as a bank teller my job was a mixture of tedium (endlessly counting cash) and anxiety over whether I would meet my daily sales quote by upselling credit cards and loans. Henry David Thoreau captured the essence of these jobs when he said:

Most people would feel insulted if it were…

how to write a memoir
how to write a memoir

In my experience, a person’s reason for writing a memoir often depends on their stage of life. Up until midlife, it can be a way to expand their career reach, where people in their twilight are more motivated by leaving a legacy to loved ones. Some find it therapeutic and healing, others find it a satisfying form of self-expression. Initially, you might doubt your life has been that remarkable but as Mark Twain quipped, “There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside the dullest exterior, there is a drama, a comedy and a tragedy.”

A true original

At the age of 20, Thoreau graduated and became a schoolteacher. Opposed to corporal punishment he lasted only a few weeks. With the help of his brother, they created a nature based school. After his brothers’ death the school closed.

Around this time he met Ralph Waldo Emerson who became a mentor figure. Emerson introduced him to a group of progressive writers and thinkers. Thoreau then moved in with Emerson’s family, working as a tutor to his children. He also did gardening and general repairs.

His next career move involved working in his father’s pencil factory. He could have taken…

Words both reveal and connect us with the journey of our life.

The ancient Greeks used two different words for time.

Kronos, named after Cronos the god of time, represented the temporal, humdrum aspect of ordinary day to day affairs.

Kairos, on the other hand, symbolised his namesake being the god of the opportune moment. Boundless and enduring, it can be thought of as sacred time.

“To miss kronos is inconvenient. To miss kairos is tragedy.” — M. Owens

With only around 1 in 5 people feeling engaged in their work, it is fair to say that Kronos rules the roost. …

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