San Diego OT Evaluations

At Write Steps Occupational therapy, we offer services in numerous occupational therapy fields including virtual perceptual skills, handwriting skills, fine motor skills, Sensory integration and self care. Danielle Shulman has vast experience in this field performing tailors and evolutions to fit the needs of each and every child she works with.

As an occupational therapist, Danielle has been qualified on various evaluations and believes not only formal test results, but as well as clinical observations and parent and teacher input, in formative her treatment for every child.

A word occupational therapist is somebody who has practical experience in working with people who are encountering a condition that is restricting their capacity to freely finish the errands of consistently living.

In pediatrics, word related specialists utilize their aptitude to offer kids some assistance with gaining the practical abilities they requirement for autonomy in play, learning, engine expertise improvement, self consideration, and socialization in their home, school, and group situations.

Danielle performs San Diego OT evaluations for both public and private clients as well as can support parents with any occupational therapy evaluations required for IEE and IEP meetings in the communal schools.

These evaluations are very helpful for children to enhance their skills and perform better. There are many therapists who offer these services but Write Steps Pediatric Occupational Therapy is best among all.

The San Diego OT Evaluations includes:

1. Daily care test activities like dressing, feeding and shoe tying.

2. Phone communication with parents to grasp information about the child.

3. Formal visual perceptual and visual motor testing. In this numerous assignments can be used.

4. Formal fine and gross motor testing including motor planning and co-ordination.

5. To determine child’s writing, handwriting tests are organized.

6. Comprehensive test for SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).

We helped many families and children to enhance their skills. To get the advantages of best San Diego OT Evaluations visit We support children and help them to improve some fine motor weakness and prevent delays in young children. Call us at 858.401.2677 and consult with our experts.

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