Inside the Shadow Clinics
Maya Kroth

How wonderful that clinics exist to help pregnant women who need help decide to make different choices than to kill their unborn child. Don’t flame me with comments about how women should get to “choose what they do with their body” unless you also admit that most women are using pregnancy as birth control and failing to “choose” to say no to sex. Even if pregnant by means other than that, why kill the baby? So many are available and willing to adopt unwanted babies it is completely unnecessary to offer abortion as a solution. The argument that killing unborn babies “saves” women from “maternal death” is ridiculous non-logic. Should we also argue not allowng people to become old because they likely will become sick and die (as in assisted suicide)? Or do we advocate for better health care to make improving quality of life the issue? Unless babies are allowed to be born, there is not chance for them to have life like you are privileged to enjoy. Like the death penalty, abortion allows for no reversal of a bad “choice” and leaves women, in most cases, scarred emotionally for life. Just because society mutes those hurting women’s voices doesn’t diminish their pain and grief.